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  • For more than 40 years Vissing Agro has been synonymous to a healthy Danish company which constantly develops new and optimizes its existing products for pig producers in Denmark and internationally.
    Our own development department ensures that we are constantly at the forefront with the latest technologies and setting future requirements for the swine industry. Internationally, Denmark is regarded as a pioneer when it comes to equipment and solutions tailored for the swine industry – This reputation is something we live up to and by continuously improving our products and services - improve.
    Our results speak for themselves. 


    Through our focused and tenacious efforts in the recent years,
    we have been able to establish ourselves in the large export 
    markets and have among other things, formed a strong 
    relationship with the largest pork producer in the US, Smithfield.

    We have also participated in significant projects in both Western and Eastern Europe and have successfully exported to Australia, Philippines, Russia, Canada and other countries worldwide.

    All proof that our product quality, services and logistics are excellent. 


  • Vissing Agro is the sole importer of AZA products in Denmark.

    AZA International was founded in the late 1950’s in Italy.
    The company rapidly specialized in transport systems for
    animal feed – dry feed, industrial aggregates and feed


    The base for their feeding system was the unique, patented system
    consisting of a steel wire with moulded plastic discs.
    The steel wire, which runs through a feed pipe, carries the
    material between the disks quickly, silently and smoothly.​​